Project-packed weekend retreat sends ’em home happy, glittery & de-stressed!

Ive had a few requests to share pictures of the projects I taught at my first Fall Art Retreat held at Cottages at Sunset Shores. I was so pleased with the comments and feedback I received from the students. Everyone had a wonderful time, Vivian fed us so very well, the cottages are adorable and the craft room offered us plenty of space. Best of all – everyone completed their projects! Of course, we all know there are certain projects that are ever-changing. We add a little something here, change a little something there; but for the most part the projects went home complete!

I planned three projects to keep everyone busy throughout the weekend but still allow a wee bit of down time for Saturday afternoon. They really had no clue as to what the projects were. They trusted me and signed up sight-unseen. I dropped little hints every now and then, but no major announcements. They were given a supply list to bring (mostly consisting of tools) and I supplied the rest.

We started Friday evening with the beginnings to a Vintage/Shabby Chic coin envelope mini book with tags. This project would teach a plethora of techniques and carry into Saturday to finish up. We worked on that till nearly 11:30 p.m. then did some stenciling on their Vintage window frames so it would be dry in the morning. I had a selection of different sizes of Vintage window frames so they were able to select a style and size best suited to fit their space at home.

The window project also taught several techniques using gesso, stencils, acrylic paints, ultra-thick embossing enamels, dry embossing, tissue printing and using manly tools like power drills and screwdrivers! I must say, the group took their windows up a notch! They all turned out so beautifully. I love when students have enough time during class to experiment with techniques and the freedom to play and that’s what this retreat weekend was all about – time to experiment and play.

It took all of Saturday to finish up the windows and coin envelope books and we tossed in a make-n-take provided by Globecraft Memories using Piccolo Charms and Piccolo Enamels.

We finished the weekend off by making an ornament from Globecraft Memories using Art Glitter, Crafty Secrets, Piccolo Enamel Powders and some beads.

I don’t know who had a better time – the students or myself! I’ve already selected the dates for the Altered Vintage Winter Mystery Retreat to be held at Sunset Shores Feb. 22-24. Watch for more info to come.

Here’s the pics: click on any them for a closer view.




Candy Spiegel tells you all about her altered window on her blog. Hop on over and see what she has to say!

Glitter and acrylic – a perfect marriage!


I thought some of you might like to see one of the projects I submitted for review when auditioning for the Art Glitter and Xyron design teams. This is an acrylic book I taught as a class a while back.

I was inspired to create this project after Barbara Trombley, owner of Art Glitter, held classes in Scrap Tales where I was working at the time. I had not been a huge fan of glitter before taking Barbara’s classes that week, but in watching and listening to her I realized I could use her product and still stay true to my distressed, vintage style.

I favor Art Glitter’s Microfine and Ultrafine glitters because of their subtle shine and sparkle. The Vintage Glass Shards are another favorite and Laura has recently managed to turn me on to Dazzlers as well!

To stamp on the acrylic pages of this book I used a variety of flourish and vine-like stamps with Butter Cream Opaque Staz-on ink because of its ability to dry and remain permanent on just about any surface. I stamped my image on one side of the page then using Designer Dries Clear with the fine metal tip, outlined that image on the other side of page and spooned on the glitters. Working in small sections, outline only what you can in about a minute then sprinkle on your glitters. The glue might dry too quickly when working in larger sections – small is best.

I used a mix of Art Glitter glitters in this book – Microfine, Ultrafine, Micro Beads and Vintage Glass Shards. It’s fun to mix the different sizes within a stamped image. The flourish below is outlined with Microfine glitter and the inside uses Micro Beads and Glass Shards.

One thing I discovered, and wasn’t expecting, is the DDC does just that, so when the glue dries clear the glitter shows through the back side as well. That’s why I love using Art Glitter with acrylic or other clear products. The shine shows through!

Art Glitter can also make your accent pieces really stand out! Look at this parenthesis I punched out of plain white cardstock. I then run it through a Xyron 1.5 Sticker Maker, peel off the protective cellophane, flip it over and run it through it again. Peel off the protective covering on one side and dip it in a tub of Art Glitter. I used Microfine here but you could use the Art Glitter of your choice. This would be a great accent piece on a scrapbook page as well!

The Microfine and Ultrafine Glitters lend a subtle elegance to the piece on every page.

I’ve made several of these books: Autumn, winter and summer. Some day I’ll get around to adding the final season! It is so easy to become addicted to using Art Glitter on acrylic. There are so many creative possibilities!