Savoring every page …

So I come in the back door like I do every day from work, drop the keys in the watermelon dish, empty the lunch bag and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and then look to see if there is any mail on the counter for me. There usually isn’t. But today there’s a large manilla envelope along with a bill. I’m opening the bill and see the large envelope is from Stampington and I’m thinking it’s a catalog from CHA and then … the flutters start in the stomach. I realize I didn’t order any catalog and I remember the company sends a free copy of the magazine your art work is published in.

I let the envelope sit there until I made my cup of coffee, grabbed my glasses, and could sit in peace to open the envelope, all the time wondering … “did a piece of my work really get published?” It was late winter/early spring when I submitted several pieces for review and haven’t heard anything since. And, if a piece is published, which piece is it? The anticipation was killing me; I couldn’t take it any longer. I took my coffee outside and sat in my favorite spot as I gently peeled up the flap on the envelope, read the letter of congratulations and pulled the magazine out. Sommerset Studio – my favorite. I started with page one and slowly turned each page in anticipation of seeing my work in color print – and which piece would it be? What would it look like in the magazine and where would it be?

I was totally excited to see my large “Beauty” piece is the one they opted to publish. And, it’s on page 14! and page 15! and page 16! OMG! I’m not one to get overly excited but I’ll tell you I was jumping up and down screaming inside! Now, to all you previously published artists I may seem a little silly, but I don’t care – I love Sommerset Studio and to share my art work in this magazine is a dream-come-true!

I haven’t shared this piece earlier, I’ve been keeping it under wraps but I’ll show it to you now! It’s a favorite of mine – a piece I created just for me, not a class, not for submission. A friend suggested I submit it, but it was so large I wasn’t sure I wanted to box it up and send it but I did – and I’m so glad (I’ll share details of how I created it in a later post)!

The magazine is Sommerset Studio for Sept/Oct 2012. Run out and get your copy when it hits the newsstands. And, oh yeah, I am so totally doing autographs!

Organizing with Billy …

Where do I start? It’s been crazy busy and I’m lovin’ every minute of it! Learning a lot as I go; so thankful for everyone’s patience. I never imagined I’d be on one design team, let alone three at the same time. Not sure what I was thinking when I applied for them all but I really am enjoying the challenges.

It was so wonderful to see all the familiar faces at Mega Meet! Thank you to each and every one of you who stopped by the Globecraft Memories booth to say ‘hi.’ Felt like old times!

One good thing that has happened is I really had to organize my supplies so I could keep all the product separated for each team once it started arriving. Made two trips to Ikea for three Billy Bookcases. They’ve worked out great! I’m a visual person and need to see my supplies – I envy those who keep everything tucked behind little doors and in pretty boxes. I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work for me. With the shelves I can quickly scan for product and it is so much easier to put away. Here’s what they look like. There’s even some space I haven’t filled yet but I’m sure as I finish organizing it will slowly disappear.

And, look at the desk! I actually found it! See those clothespins and binder clips on the lamp shade? They’re really handy when gluing stuff together; sometimes you just need a third hand!

It was so nice to sit in here to work. I am using cd storage racks for my dies (Sizzix, Tim Holtz, etc) and so far it’s a good fit. Got an idea for the magnetic dies I’m going to try with my Xyron. I’ll show it to you if it works.

Spent yesterday helping our daughter Rachel with some home and yard chores. Her birthday is today; she’s 29. Happy birthday Rachel! I’m working on a cd book I’ve decided will be for her titled ‘Untie your Wings.’ I feel the title is appropriate considering she has a new wonderful man in her life and they’re making plans for the future. I’d love to show you a sneak peek but opted to show you the happy couple instead!

In case you’ve missed any design team posts you can visit them here at Art Glitter and here at Globecraft Memories. While there take time to check out the other design team members and leave a comment or two. You’ll find some very talented people!

Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter or you can check it out right here on the blog. Classes are coming up and will be listed on the calendar by the end of the week. Hope to see or hear from you soon – enjoy the beautiful weather this week!

Reminders, road trips and Red Lead …

Hey, it’s my three R’s and it sounded cute; what more can I say about that title.

Reminders are for my design team posts that will be coming up in May and my fabric book class that starts next Monday. Road trips are something I just love to do with my friend Cathy – we travel so well together. It is just a peaceful and enjoyable time when we hit the road together. And Red Lead…need I say more! If you haven’t been, make an effort to visit and have a lovely road trip!

If you could see me now you’d be able to tell what I’ve been doing this week – I’m all a-glitter! I’ve been having a great time creating with all my Art Glitter and I know you’re going to like my projects so watch for my posts here and at the Art Glitter blog starting in May.

I’m also excited to share my Globecraft Memories project. It came together so easily and it looks really rich and aged. Can’t wait to share with you soon so watch for that post as well, here on my blog and at Globecraft Memories. I’ll also be in the Globecraft Memories booth at Mega Meet in Novi playing with the company’s fabulous new Piccolo embossing enamels so stop by and say ‘Hi.”

Wanted to remind everyone the fabric book class – Stitching a Sentimental Journey – is slated to begin at 6 p.m. Monday, April 30 at Monarch Quilts in Brighton. You’ll love learning just how easy you can turn fabric into a fabulous little memory book. Great gift for Mother’s Day! Class is broken into two segments and the second segment is Monday, May 7. Check out the description and necessary tools to bring (sewing machine will not be needed until second session May 7) at Monarch Quilts. Call the store to register.

Playing a little catch-up and get-ahead this week before leaving tonight for Adventures in Stamping. It’s been a couple years or so since I’ve attended with my friend Cathy and I’m excited to be heading back there. Looking forward to my class with the Red Lead girls; trying out some new-to-me techniques for photo transfers. We’ll also be antiquing/junking while on the road – so much fun!