Cherish life’s glittery moments …


I know you may be tiring of all my DIY ornaments but please suffer through one more with me. I just can’t seem to get enough of them lately and when I finish one – or sometimes while working on one – thoughts of how I will decorate the next one are already running through my mind. They’re so easy to play with and you can fit them to any theme or event.

This one is actually reversible! The heart can be seen from either side so it can hang anywhere it may spin or be viewed from both sides. And, yes, that’s the Sizzix Primitive Heart once again as well. What can I say …

So here’s the steps to how I created this precious little hanging.


I cut two of the hearts from corrugated cardboard, ran them through my Xyron 1.5″ Create-a-Sticker. I left the hearts on the Xyron backing and spritzed them with water and roughed them up a bit before painting them with G&P Pink Rose 3D Enamel Gel. While the Gel is still wet I sprinkled them with Art Glitter Mimosa #102 Ultrafine Transparent. I love the way this glitter glistens as the globe turns and moves – it sparkles in different colors. Really cool.


The rims of the ornament are also painted with the Piccolo 3D Enamel Gel and the outer rims sprinkled with the same Mimosa glitter. I coated the fairy wings with a clear layer of Glastique so the natural color of the bookboard shines through. Once all the pieces are dry the assembly begins.


I laid a strand of wire on the backside of one of the hearts and used Designer Dries Clear to adhere the wings to the same backside. The same Designer Dries Clear is used to adhere the hearts back-to-back. The printed, cut out and inked words and gems are also adhere with the Designer Dries Clear.


I assembled the Globecraft DIY Ornament following the directions that came with it. Before adhering the top globe and rim to the bottom, the wired hearts are laid across the center of the globe. Designer Dries Clear is used to adhere the top half to the bottom half and I use clip clothespins to hold it together till the glue sets. One side of the heart says ‘wish’ and ‘dream,’ the other side says ‘cherish’ and ‘love.’ When the light catches this it just sparkles and makes me smile.


Visit the Art Glitter blog to see another project I created recently with their glittery products!

Rolling out the dough …

Linda_Neff_mini_mug_shotHey there! It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas and I’m running further and further behind – who doesn’t this time of year? How come in November it seems we have so much time and then all of a sudden it’s gone!

It was my turn to do a post for Art Glitter (by the way, hop on over there when you’re done here and check out my other glitter project) and I was pressed for time and out of ideas so I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and found some really cute salt dough ornaments. I thought they would look really cute covered in glitter and I was right!

I googled salt dough ornaments for recipes and several came up, then at the very bottom of the page there was one that called for microwaving the ornaments to dry. That was fantastic because nearly all the other recipes call for air dry (36-48 hours) or oven dry (3-4 hours). The salt dough ornaments are very easy to make and would be a perfect project to do with children.


The recipe for salt dough is easy – half, half, whole.

1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water
1 cup flour (I used bleached flour to get the white ornaments)

Mix ingredients and knead on a floured surface till soft and smooth. Roll out with a floured rolling pin to any thickness you like. Mine are about 1/4-inch thick. Cut out with standard cookie cutters or free-hand any design you like. If you intend to hang them make sure to make a hole for the thread. A straw works for a larger hole or use a toothpick for a smaller one.

The easy-and-quick part is the baking. This recipe calls for baking in the microwave for 2-3 minutes on a flat surface. I placed my ornaments directly on the glass tray in my microwave. I had to flip them over after about two minutes and cooked for another 1-2 minutes on the other side.


The ornaments cool off quickly from the microwave so they can be decorated right away.

I gathered up the glitters I wanted to use and poured some Designer Dries Clear onto my non-stick craft sheet. I applied the glue with a brush to one ornament at a time and sprinkled on the glitter.


I used three different glitters: Art Glitter Antique Silver Fine Vintage Glass Glitter, Silvery Moon Vintage Glass Glitter and Mini Pearl Microfine Pearlescent.

To finish them off I used a few tickets from a Crafty Secrets cut-out sheet and coated them with Clear Crackle Paint.


This is really a quick-and-easy holiday project. The dough can be cut into a variety of shapes and decorated in a number of ways. They would make great little gift tags on packages, too!


Check out my remake of a vintage-style lantern I picked up in the clearance section at a resale shop. It’s over on the Art Glitter blog. Art_Glitter_Linda_Neff_Victorian_Lamp_photo_6

Glitter and acrylic – a perfect marriage!


I thought some of you might like to see one of the projects I submitted for review when auditioning for the Art Glitter and Xyron design teams. This is an acrylic book I taught as a class a while back.

I was inspired to create this project after Barbara Trombley, owner of Art Glitter, held classes in Scrap Tales where I was working at the time. I had not been a huge fan of glitter before taking Barbara’s classes that week, but in watching and listening to her I realized I could use her product and still stay true to my distressed, vintage style.

I favor Art Glitter’s Microfine and Ultrafine glitters because of their subtle shine and sparkle. The Vintage Glass Shards are another favorite and Laura has recently managed to turn me on to Dazzlers as well!

To stamp on the acrylic pages of this book I used a variety of flourish and vine-like stamps with Butter Cream Opaque Staz-on ink because of its ability to dry and remain permanent on just about any surface. I stamped my image on one side of the page then using Designer Dries Clear with the fine metal tip, outlined that image on the other side of page and spooned on the glitters. Working in small sections, outline only what you can in about a minute then sprinkle on your glitters. The glue might dry too quickly when working in larger sections – small is best.

I used a mix of Art Glitter glitters in this book – Microfine, Ultrafine, Micro Beads and Vintage Glass Shards. It’s fun to mix the different sizes within a stamped image. The flourish below is outlined with Microfine glitter and the inside uses Micro Beads and Glass Shards.

One thing I discovered, and wasn’t expecting, is the DDC does just that, so when the glue dries clear the glitter shows through the back side as well. That’s why I love using Art Glitter with acrylic or other clear products. The shine shows through!

Art Glitter can also make your accent pieces really stand out! Look at this parenthesis I punched out of plain white cardstock. I then run it through a Xyron 1.5 Sticker Maker, peel off the protective cellophane, flip it over and run it through it again. Peel off the protective covering on one side and dip it in a tub of Art Glitter. I used Microfine here but you could use the Art Glitter of your choice. This would be a great accent piece on a scrapbook page as well!

The Microfine and Ultrafine Glitters lend a subtle elegance to the piece on every page.

I’ve made several of these books: Autumn, winter and summer. Some day I’ll get around to adding the final season! It is so easy to become addicted to using Art Glitter on acrylic. There are so many creative possibilities!