Playing by design …

So my kits are packed and ready to go! I’m excited for Ranger Ramblings: Part II. The teaching format for this workshop is a little different from Ramblings: Part I.

The inspiration for change came from Wendy Vecchi, artist extraordinaire, instructor and all-around nice person. While sitting in her classes at Scrap Tales a few years back I paid attention to the fact she allowed students plenty of time for play and experimentation. It felt like a wonderful, extravagant luxury, something I realized I might need to incorporate into my workshops (which always seem to be crammed full, tend to run over and sometimes feel rushed!).

Well, take note – in Ramblings: Part II there’s still plenty of technique and product knowledge abound, but ‘play-by-design’ time has wiggled its way in ( gosh, I hope!). There’s also an inspiration packet included for each student to utilize during that play-by-design time or to take with. Those are Wendy Vecchi stamps used to decorate the students’ workshop kit and inspiration packet – what do you think; you like?

I think it will be a great workshop and I’m looking forward to hearing feedback from students. Well, wish me luck … I’m off to Scrapbook Peddler Sunday and Capture-A-Memory later in the month; Scrapbooks Galore & More in April.