Enjoying the craziness

Like most of you, I feel November and December can tend to get pretty crazy. But we wouldn’t have it any other way would we! I have so much fun creating and yet, I’ve had my days where I get up with so much to do, then just sit and stare into space because I just don’t know where to start, completing absolutely nothing! And you know what? I really don’t give a damn! Usually by the next day those feelings are gone and I’m back to life-as-usual.

I still have several Christmas gifts to make but right now I only need to work on the ones that need to be shipped this weekend (the others I have till Christmas Eve). I’ve learned to break everything down into little jobs and not to worry if something doesn’t get done. It’s not the end of the world – just the holiday as I imagine it. No one will know that I planned on making 27 dozens of cookies and didn’t get it done. Or that I intended to make 125 Christmas cards to send to everyone I know (but actually only mailed 30)!

But here’s what I have accomplished over the past few weeks.

fabric stars2

I sat one night while watching TV and hand cut these stars. Stitched them together, stuffed them, lightly painted and glittered, and added some cute messages to them. I call them my message stars and they’re for sale in my booth for $5 at The Vintage Farm House. I love them! They’re just cute little bowl fillers or attach a string and hang them from a cupboard knob.

fabric stars1

I’ve made several holiday and seasonal banners. I love banners hanging in the house. They can be used to announce a season, holiday, birthday, love, or hung just to make someone smile.

merry christmas banner

This is a large one and it sells for $18 in the booth, but I also custom make these and can ship them anywhere for you!

While working and creating for the booth I also teach scrapbooking and art journal classes in my home. Those keep me on my toes and very busy. I have a good number of great students and I know they’re always looking to learn new techniques or to get some photos scrapped. Art Journal has become my favorite class to teach this year. It’s just a joy to watch the students grow and learn.

art journal heart and home

These pages are from my Heart & Home Art Journal series that we’re finishing up next week. I’m taking January off to develop and work on classes and then we’ll start back up in February. Hopefully the break after the holidays will bring everyone back with a fresh and renewed energy for learning and sharing.

heart and home hearts

Last year I started what I had hoped would become an annual event. I host a Christmas gathering for a small group of friends, co-workers and teachers that met and formed friendships through Scrap Tales years ago. We don’t always have the opportunity to visit and catch up so this evening is all about us, good food, friends, and playing catch-up. We added the PJs this year and, Oh my gosh!, it is a game changer! So comfy!


These guys, my family, and my students, are the most important things in my life right now. It’s so much fun getting together with them for the holiday for a few hours. Plus, I’ve been making plans with the family too. The old guy and I started off right after Thanksgiving with a Mystery Dinner Train Ride – just me and him and three train cars full of people we didn’t know (it was fun!). Last week was Frankenmuth chicken dinner and the lights. This week we’re heading to Crossroads Village and the train ride with Rachel and Kevin, and tomorrow we’re meeting family from out of town at the Veteran’s cemetery in Holly then out for lunch.

annual christmas gathering

So if a gift doesn’t get made, or the cookies don’t get baked, it really is no big deal. I’m still going to go out and have fun and make more memories with friends and family this holiday! You should too!


Making corrugated ornies

My sister, Brenda, came down recently to visit. We wanted to get together to figure out how to use our Cricut Makers. That was pretty funny because we discovered they’re super easy!

After cutting a few files on the Maker we were ready to play with something a little more fun. I remembered I had some corrugated stars cut so grabbed those, the gesso, glitter, paint, and some printed words.

Corrugated cardboard is easily die cut with the steel-rule dies from Sizzix. I cut several more, then we sat down to play and decorate.

Star ornies made from corrugated cardboard.

They’re so easy to make. They can be spritzed with water to help distress the top layer of paper by peeling and rolling it back. Add some gesso then paint. Glitter can be added white the paint is wet and it actually sticks!


We added some vintage buttons, small medallions, printed words and wire. Vintage lace and beads can also be added to the wire to dress some up a bit more. So find yourself an old box and cut it up and use it for die-cutting some shapes. Get out the paints and glitter and have some messy fun!