Visiting the farm

Back in September the old guy, Rachel, and I had a chance to travel to Trade, Tennessee to visit our middle child/Rachel’s brother, on their small farm. A visit to their farm is like stepping back into a quieter time with a much slower pace.

46827906_308640779754993_4536570828581502976_n (1)

Kevin (River) and Sarina bought the 13-acre farm nearly two years ago. They packed up everything they wanted to bring with them from Oregon and traveled through the mountains in December’s snow and ice. They have some funny stories about that trip and I’m hoping someday they blog about their farm life.

icelandic goat
Milking goat. These guys are cute and friendly.

They raise Icelandic chickens, Icelandic sheep, rabbits and have added a couple milking goats recently. Sarina takes care of animals while Kevin works part-time and spends many of his free hours carving. Together they’re carving out the life they want to live in Appalachia.

Icelandic Sheep. They have the strangest eyes.

You can follow them from their Facebook pages – Mezzaluna Farmstead and River Neff, website (where you can purchase their sheep skins or carved spoons),  or Instagram. They’re doing some amazing stuff and I cannot wait to visit again!


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