Blonde desk turns blue

linda_neff_mug_2016It’s been quite a while since I’ve had time to paint a piece for Studio. Between custom paint orders and developing classes I don’t get a lot of free time. This desk has been sitting around the Studio for quite a while and I really wanted to work on it. I found an inspiration piece on Pinterest and knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

My inspiration piece was a shabby white and, honestly, after cleaning and scuff sanding I primed and started painting it white. But when I finished painting the drawers it was beginning to look pretty boring with all that white; new plan. I headed to the paint cabinet and found three cans of left over paint in various shades of blue. I custom mixed till I came up with the perfect color for this two-piece desk and hutch.


The backing on the hutch had holes cut into it for cords so I removed it and replaced with new beadboard. Every edge got a heavy-handed distressing then I stained over the paint before sealing the entire piece. It looks like a totally different piece with its fresh new paint color.


This piece would look just as good in a kitchen displaying pretty pitchers and dishes as it would in a study or bedroom loaded with books and photos. It’s for sale and in the Studio.




6 thoughts on “Blonde desk turns blue

  1. soozyb2013

    Super piece!!! The colour is lovely. Good job mixing those up! I do love beadboard. I live in a mobile home and want to put some in my ensuite and go right over the crappy wallpaper in there! and with a little paint like you did, it would look amazing.
    I enjoy your blog and really look forward to seeing what’s up next.
    Victoria, BC


    1. Thanks, Sue. I actually intended the beadboard to run up and down but had it cut incorrectly so had to choice but to run it horizontally, but was so glad I did! would love to see some pics of your en suite when you’re done.


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