Am I the only one?

So, Christmas has come and gone and the new year approaches. I’m working on design team projects, class projects and CHA projects – all with really close deadlines!

But, I cannot find anything in my craft room – not even the floor! Am I the only one? Does anyone else work like this? I start small and organized and then the project builds. I’m working away and all of sudden I think, “oh, gesso would add some great texture here,” or “I could patina this piece of metal with some acrylic paint dabbers. Maybe a piece of that vintage lace I found at the antique shop in Ohio would look nice here.” Get the picture? Before I know I have every bin emptied unto my table space and floor. It gets really hard to back my chair up at times without running over something!


Can you tell I’m stalling? I’m sitting here writing this post instead of getting in there and organizing. If you look closely you can probably tell which projects I’ve been working on. See the glitter shining on my Flip Vimeo? Oh, and there’s the white wire I used on the heart ornaments.


Photos lay in a pile below from a Xyron project I just finished and the Creatopia still sits here, also from being used for the corrugated heart ornaments. That BoBunny snowflake stamp is from an Art Glitter project from way back – the vintage-looking lantern.


Well, I’m out of excuses, catch you all later! I’m slowly working my way to that messy place. Can stall no longer – have a great productive day!

21 thoughts on “Am I the only one?

  1. Mary Allen

    Hi Linda! I haven’t seen the top of my scrap room desk in months. Nor the floor! I do know where everything is though. LOL! Have a great and safe New Year. Hugs, Mary


  2. You’re most definitely not the “only one”! My craft table is so piled up with a variety of “stuff”, that I’ve moved my “crafties” to the coffee table in the living room… By the way Jim is looking at me, it’s time to clean up my craft room – and do it soon! LOL


  3. KC

    LOL! Linda you are my kinda crafter!! I start my day by organizing and clearing a nice work space. By the time I’m done with one project I have about a 10″ x 10″ space to work in (if I’m lucky!) Crafting is messy! Accept it!


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