Breaking into YouTube

So, today started off a little shaky. I accidentally set off the fire alarm at work this morning. It was so very loud, and of course it was the first day of the boss’ vacation. The firemen were very understanding …

But, even that little embarrassing incident couldn’t cloud my enthusiasm to get home and get through dinner so I could post my very first video! I filmed it one day last week and it took a couple more days to figure out editing and then about a week of playing around in the computer to figure out narration – whew! I think I finally got it last night but it was way too late for posting. I wanted a clear head so it looked like I knew what I was doing.

It has been suggested by friends and students that I make some videos. After all, I love to watch how-to videos on YouTube and have learned some very interesting techniques from artists I would never have an opportunity to meet in person. So I set off last week to create my first one not knowing it would take so much time – big learning curve!

Because I am so computer illiterate on certain aspects it has taken me over a week to film, edit, narrate and finally post in hopes of getting some Youtube likes! Figuring out the editing and narrating were the hardest. I pulled many a late night trying to figure out the narration – oh, I knew what I wanted to say, but getting the recording to work and then not to work was tricky to say the least. I’ve gained a whole new respect for all those artists who regularly post new videos. I’m hoping it gets easier and quicker with each one.

The video was filmed with my Flip – I love that little camera. One thing you’ll notice in the video though, is the closeups are a little out of focus. Something I didn’t know – Flip doesn’t auto-focus; I know that now so please excuse the bit of blurry parts this time. I moved the film into MovieMaker for editing and narrating and I had never used that program before so it was a little intimidating and confusing, but I finally caught on – I think.

The technique shared in the video is gesso and alcohol inks on embossed foil. It’s become a favorite of mine since Robin taught it to us during one of our monthly Cracker Jack Stampers meetings.

I really liked the results I got that night (left) and have since used this technique in several of my classes (below) – thanks Robin!

Check out my video to learn how to achieve this technique and leave a comment if you like!

16 thoughts on “Breaking into YouTube

  1. Linda, I have not tried the gesso with my alcohol inks and am anxious to try it! The video was great and I love the results. I was going to ask the same question as Marjie, as I’ve been wondering how to hold my camera. I may just have to try that. LoL
    Btw, I subscribed to you on YouTube. =)


    1. Thanks for joining me Lisa! The technique is a fun one to try and gives a softer look than straight alcohol ink on foil. And, yes, I put my Flip on the little tripod (about 6 inches tall) and used packing tape to tape to the top of a small box to give it enough lift for filming. I know there is equipment out there but I like being creative with what I have and the tape and box worked quite nicely!


  2. Thanks Marjie! I meant to take a photo of how I filmed it – it was quite comical! Next time I will. I had the Flip on a mini tripod on top of a cardboard box on my desk and I taped the tripod to the box with packing tape to hold it in place!


  3. Sandy Henson

    What an accomplished person you are! You stuck with it and figured it out – you’re a rock star. I love that technique! One suggestion? From us must-be-hard-of-hearing folk? I had a little trouble hearing you clearly in spots, so maybe you could speak a little louder? You have the calm, knowledgeable instructress part down pat. I’m looking forward to your next installment! xxoo


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