Gathering garden ideas …

Every year I look forward to the LACASA Garden Tour. In part because it’s amazing to think I played a role in the initial concept of a local garden tour that raises so much money for its programs each year, but more because I just love to stroll through nature – whether it be natural or altered – it’s all just so beautiful and calming.

I’ve always had a love of dirt. One of my favorite memories as a child is following the tractor in my bare feet as my dad plowed up a few acres of soil. I can still smell it and feel the fresh cool dirt squishing under my bare feet. Then came the sitting at the edge of the garage and snapping beans with Ma. I remember bushel baskets of beans fresh picked from the garden and we’d just sit there with the garage open and snap the ends off getting them ready for canning.

I went through my phase of gardening and canning and still love the concept – but not so much the work. I know how much work is involved in creating a beautiful garden and I really don’t possess that kind of dedication or ambition. But I can truly appreciate the time and effort these owners have put into their gardens. Every year I am just amazed at the beauty of the LACASA gardens.

I must say my favorite garden this year is the Allgood garden. It’s owners really have a knack for mixing found items with plant life – very eclectic! It was such a happy place to visit. It’s where I took the most photos – gathering ideas for my garden – or should I say my garden journals. I think I’ll continue to just enjoy the efforts of others before going home and settling under the shade tree with a book and cold drink.

3 thoughts on “Gathering garden ideas …

  1. Liz

    I know exactly what you mean about loving the dirt! During the winter, I’ll start lots of gardening projects right in my kitchen–just need to play in the dirt! It must be hereditary….lol


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