Welcome to the new blog …

For some time now I have been experiencing problems with my blog at http://scrappedtreasures.com and I simply couldn’t figure out on my own how to resolve them so I finally decided to create a new one. My son had initially created it for me and with him in Seattle it just wasn’t feasible for him to help me so I reasoned that if I created this one myself I should be able to figure out any problems that might arise and there is always tech support.

I’ve been working on it while on vacation and it’s coming along nicely I think. There is still quite a bit left to do but I’m headed back to work Monday after a fabulous two-week vacation so my time will be limited but I’ll get it done. I haven’t quite figured out how to direct my old blog to the new one so those postings may be lost forever, but I’m looking forward to posting on the new blog and will be posting a mix of stuff in addition to upcoming classes, projects, etc. I have also added links for custom design work and private classes that I provide.

I thought I’d kick off the new blog with another dish Dennis made for dinner tonight. This one is from Cuisine at Home and is called Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Bucatini. It was as pretty as the picture in the mag (this is my photo of his dish) and a tad spicy but very delicious!

11 thoughts on “Welcome to the new blog …

  1. Linda Weh

    Hi Linda…glad you had a well-deserved rest and a wonderful
    vacation! Lucky you to have a husband who cooks yummy dinners…I’m going to show this to John!


    1. Linda,
      It looked like you had a wonderful trip! Dennis is getting more into cooking lately and likes experimenting with some of the recipes out of the cooking mags. Most have been really tasty!


  2. Kaye Lang

    New blog is really nice. Looking forward to your posts. Will let you know when mine is ready for visitors! Glad you’ve had a good vacation!


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